Trip Itinerary

France Vision Trip Itinerary

October 14 – Travel from Dallas to London via Boston

October 15 – Arrive in London in the AM, drive to Portsmouth to stay with dear friends and mentors, Gavin and Christina Collins, Gavin was our Vicar in the UK .  

October 16 – Ferry from Portsmouth to Caen, arrive at Bethanie, the ministry base for Bless where we’ll be staying with Bless leaders, Gerard and Chrissie Kelly

October 17 – 19 – Time in Caen with Bless, tour of the city, learn more about the area and Bless, meeting with Jane and Tim Rocke who are Bless people that are planting a church in Tours, France.  Experience Sunday worship at a Bless church plant. 

October 20 – Meet with Bill Campbell, the GEM city leader in Paris

October 21 - 25 - To Camp of Peaks near Grenoble for the all GEM France Retreat

October 25 - Meet with Roy Nagelkirk, GEM city leader for Grenoble (or potentially find time to connect at retreat)

October 26 - Either visit with church planters in Tours or visit with Daniel, a Messenger Fellowship French pastor in Lyon 

October 27 - Mid morning meeting with the Crosses and the Hawkins (GEM France Leadership) in Chantilly, stay the night on the 27th.

October 28 - Back to Caen to stay one more night with Bless before ferrying back to the UK.

October 30 - Staying with mentors in London, meeting with old friends

October 31 - To Chorleywood, catch up with old friends.

November 1 - Preaching at Christ Church Chorleywood in the morning, leading worship at St. Andrews Chorleywood in the evening.

November 2-3 - More connections and catching up with lovely British people

November 4 - Fly home and collapse :)