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This is a blog by Joanna Appel about living a life of faith as a mother and an artist. Following Jesus in the midst of crazy, messy, life is hard.  We all need people to come alongside us, to inspire and encourage us.  Faint Not, World!  You are not alone!

Struck Down, But Not Destroyed - Guest Post on

Hi Friends. I know it is Tuesday and you just read my post, 'My Dear Screaming Toddler' yesterday, but I have had the unique opportunity to do a guest post on a new friend's blog,! The blog is featuring a series on brokenness and hope. I wrote just a little snippet about my molar pregnancy and how God helped me find hope in the midst of that situation. 

I am excited—and a little nervous—about opening up this part of my past to all of you. Miscarriage, infertility and all that goes along with that is a difficult subject and is very isolating to the one going through the process. I hope to do more posts exposing these realities in my story with the hope that I can be an encouragement to others who also feel alone, broken, and confused when trying to make a family. Read on by clicking on the picture or button below.

Also, a shout-out to my amazing friend Karen for her willingness to let me use her as a model for some of my photos which will support this theme. Thank you, Karen!