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Hosanna! Palm Sunday—Holy Week, Day 1

This year, I really want my boys to get a glimpse of the real meaning of Easter. Last Friday, I wrote a post about seven things to do with your toddlers for Holy Week and I invited you to join in with me and my family! On that post there is a "How To" for each activity as well as The Appel Family plan for Holy Week. I am going to be posting about what we do everyday to celebrate, learn, and go deeper with Jesus this Easter. 

Palm Sunday: Day 1

Hosanna! It's Palm Sunday! I remember going to church on Palm Sunday when I was young. They would hand out a palm branch to everyone in the congregation. We all shouted "Hosanna!" and waved the palm around throughout our liturgical readings. It was a cool thing to incorporate into our usual very liturgical Lutheran service. There was an excitement in the air, anticipation of the events coming during Holy Week.

Today our plan is to buy an Easter Lily, act out Palm Sunday, and pray at 3:16pm.

Easter lily is bought and smelling lovely throughout the house. I just hope I can keep it alive! I am feeling more and more in the Easter spirit as I wipe yogurt from the boys faces and change poopy diapers because of that lovely plant.

Praying at the new time did not work today. The kids went down for their nap later than usual and we had a very full day, hanging out with my sister. I think I am going to try to do something tomorrow for our prayer time that incorporates learning our verse for the week. Probably after dinner, when their tummies are full and we need a focused activity to wind down. I'll let you know how it goes!

Acting out Palm Sunday was really fun! I read two versions of the 'Triumphal Entry' from Luke and John during dinner when the boys conveniently had their mouths full of cheerios and yogurt. We explained the meaning of the word 'hosanna', that it is a plea for salvation, for God to come and save his people. I explained that we were going to act the story out and we chose parts. It be came very clear that all the boys wanted to be Jesus and ride the donkey/Daddy. Reuben helped me pick out scarfs from my closet that they could wear as costumes or lay on the ground in front of Jesus. We practiced saying "Hosanna!" and threw the scarfs up in the air. We pretended that a school bus was Jesus and the donkey and laid down the scarfs so that the bus could drive over them.

Now that we had practiced, it was time for the main event! I brought up a giant leaf canopy that we have from IKEA—which I originally purchased as a motivational prize for the twins to stay in their big boy beds, but it turned out not to be a good enough motivator—A.K.A. it didn't work. I think I am going to use it as a sun shield this summer—it is HUGE! Anyways, we used that as a 'palm branch' but it was too heavy for the boys to wield on their own. The boys loved riding on Daddy's back and the general pandemonium of the moment. Everything eventually turned into a giant game of peek-a-boo behind the leaf. I love these smiling faces!

One of the best moments was when Eli shouted "Hosanna!" and threw a scarf up into the air as Reuben was passing by on Tom's back. Reuben said, "I will rescue all of you!". I think they may have gotten it a little! Yay!

I do have to share with you that as we were giving the boys a bath afterwards, I asked them what was the first event in Holy Week, and Eli promptly responded, "My butt!" and laughed hysterically. Reuben joined in on the fun and said, "My eyes!" and then there was a lot of splashing. Sigh.

What did you do for Palm Sunday? Would you like to join in on our Holy Week celebrations? Click on the picture below to learn more about what we are doing this week to celebrate Easter and lift Jesus up!