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Happy Holy Week, Kids!—Day 3

This year, I really want my boys to get a glimpse of the real meaning of Easter. Last Friday, I wrote a post about seven things to do with your toddlers for Holy Week and I invited you to join in with me and my family! On that post there is a "How To" for each activity as well as The Appel Family plan for Holy Week. I am going to be posting about what we do everyday to celebrate, learn, and go deeper with Jesus this Easter. 

Holy Week—Day 3

Tuesday - Pray, Scripture, Introduce New Song: One Way

Today is song day! I am still enjoying the sweet scent of the Easter lily—which I haven't managed to kill yet, YAY!—and I am often playing the donkey to all three of my little boy as they dress up as Jesus and throw scarfs. I didn't know that we were going to create a new game called 'Hosanna!', but there you have it—life with toddlers! We have been practicing the verse at various times throughout the day and that has been so fun. We call it the "Holy Week Verse" now.

Today, we taught the boys the song "One Way" by Hillsong United. It is kind of old-school now, but we had a great time playing that song in worship with our youth group in England and we already knew actions to it, so it was a great choice! The lyrics to the bridge are great because it is almost straight from the Bible—so bonus scripture memory! I thought I'd change things up and show you a little video of how it all went. BUT, just as is the custom in toddler world, you never get the best stuff recorded. Here is a video I recorded this morning:

Here is a photo of the boys watching the lyrics and listening to the music on YouTube before we did it live. Enthralling, no?

Don't worry, that is just how Reuben looks when he is absorbing information. :)

I hope you are enjoying your Holy Week and that you are doing some fun things with your family to remember Jesus, His great love for us and His sacrifice and resurrection! See you tomorrow!

The Appels' Holy Week Plan

Palm Sunday - Buy Easter Lily, Act out Palm Sunday, Pray at 3:16pm

Monday - Pray, Introduce New Scripture: 1 John 3:16a

Tuesday - Pray, Scripture, Introduce New Song: One Way

Wednesday - Pray, Scripture and Song, Dye Easter Eggs

Maundy Thursday - Pray, Scripture and Song, Wash Feet

Good Friday - Pray, Scripture and Song, Take Communion

Saturday - Pray, Scripture and Song, 10 Minute Prayer Time

Easter Sunday - Pray, Scripture and Song, Act Out the Easter Story