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This is a blog by Joanna Appel about living a life of faith as a mother and an artist. Following Jesus in the midst of crazy, messy, life is hard.  We all need people to come alongside us, to inspire and encourage us.  Faint Not, World!  You are not alone!

Happy Holy Week, Kids!—Good Friday

This year, I really want my boys to get a glimpse of the real meaning of Easter. Last Friday, I wrote a post about seven things to do with your toddlers for Holy Week and I invited you to join in with me and my family! On that post there is a "How To" for each activity as well as The Appel Family plan for Holy Week. I am going to be posting about what we do everyday to celebrate, learn, and go deeper with Jesus this Easter. 

Holy Week—Day 6

Good Friday: Pray, Scripture, Song, Take Communion

One of the cool things that has been happening this week is that I am having more and more conversations about Jesus with my kids. We practice our verse at the dinner table, in the car, and on the potty... We sing "One Way" and watch videos of them singing it. We read bible stories at snack time and meal time when we are at the table. Jesus is being carried throughout my kids' day—not just mine—and not just when I force them to calm down enough to listen to a story or pray before dinner and bed. They are asking questions and saying such wonderfully cute and incredibly sweet things. You can just tell that the wheels are turning in their heads!

Tonight, we had a Last Supper experience with the kids. In preparation, Silas—who woke up from his nap quite early—and I made some bread. It is fun to bake one-on-one because I am usually wrestling three, trying to keep fingers out of mixers and too many chocolate chips from disappearing. He mixed like a pro and helped me with the directions.

We all got up to the table for dinner and we had the bread and some grape juice set out already. I read from the Jesus Story Book Bible about the Last Supper. While I was reading, Tom broke the bread and prayed a prayer of thanksgiving. He poured the juice into the wine glass and helped each of the boys take a drink. They loved the bread and that quickly replaced my plans for dinner. AND since I never give them juice, that was a hit as well. So before we knew it, we were sitting around the table, breaking bread together and talking about Jesus, for much longer than it took us to do the original ceremony piece. Such a simple meal, served with love and meaning for centuries, and we got to be a part of it, together.

I love how the face of Jesus is growing in the boys' hearts and minds. Easter is the perfect time to grow their knowledge of the Creator and His great rescue plan for us all through His Son. What have you been doing with your family to grow their knowledge of the true meaning of Easter? I'd love to hear your stories!

The Appels' Holy Week Plan

Palm Sunday - Buy Easter Lily, Act out Palm Sunday, Pray at 3:16pm

Monday - Pray, Introduce New Scripture: 1 John 3:16a

Tuesday - Pray, Scripture, Introduce New Song: One Way

Wednesday - Pray, Scripture and Song, Dye Easter Eggs

Maundy Thursday - Pray, Scripture and Song, Wash Feet

Good Friday - Pray, Scripture and Song, Take Communion

Saturday - Pray, Scripture and Song, 10 Minute Prayer Time

Easter Sunday - Pray, Scripture and Song, Act Out the Easter Story